Western FSU Sugarbeets Weather – Aug 2

Ukraine and Belarus 
Highlights: Scattered light to moderate showers and thunderstorms with locally 
heavier. Temperatures above normal. 
 Days 1-3: Dry conditions or just a few light showers with locally heavier. 
Temperatures variable Tuesday-Wednesday, near to above normal Thursday. 
 Days 4-6: Dry conditions or just a few light showers Friday. Scattered light 
showers Saturday. Dry conditions or just a few light showers Sunday. 
Temperatures above normal Friday-Saturday, variable Sunday. 
    Favorable harvest weather for cane in Sao Paulo Brazil. 
    Spring and early summer rain in southern China favors growth of new crop 
sugarcane, except in areas of very heavy rain and flooding. The region has 
turned drier and hot during the past week, increasing stress to the developing 
crop. Rain may increase again in the area during this week. 
    A strong typhoon moved into Taiwan late in the first week of July. This 
brought torrential rains and severe flooding to sugarcane areas, possibly 
leading to damage. 
    Rains have shifted into north India recently. Improving soil moisture and 
irrigation through key growing areas of the Ganges Plain. Earlier rains have 
favored sugarcane areas of southeast and west-central India. The southeast had 
turned drier and hotter for awhile but has recently begun to shower again. 
   The weather has mostly favored the harvest of sugarcane in southeast South 
Africa. However, during the past week rain developed which will delay and 
disrupt the harvest. 
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